Snow removal

The goal of the RM is to provide timely and efficient snow removal on municipal roads for the safety and benefit of residents and the general motoring public.  The RM will clear the road of snow to a level where the road is deemed passable.  The RM shall strive to clear all designated roads within a 48 hour period.

Designated Municipal Roads
Snow shall be removed on public roads in the municipality subject to routes approved by Council.  The routes are identified on the municipal map and will be reviewed from time to time.  Priority will be given to Official Bus Routes, Grid Roads and Farm Access Roads.

Other Municipal Roads
Council may provide for snow removal on municipal roads within the municipality that have not been identified on the snow plowing route map.  Residents may request snow plowing services to access land off the designated plow routes for the purpose of accessing feed, bins, etc.  The RM shall, at Council's discretion, provide to the ratepayer a maximum of 2 free plows per location per season of a municipal road.  It is expected that snow removal requests are made in a timely manner and routes accessed immediately to prevent repeated plowing requests.  Additional and/or Private snow plowing services will be provided at the current custom works rates.

Custom Work Snow Removal
The RM will provide private snow removal to residents upon request and subject to the following conditions:

  • Snow removal requests shall be made through the municipal office
  • Requests will be forwarded to the Foreman
  • The resident or a representative must be present during snow removal
  • A custom work request/authorization form must be completed by the resident prior to snow removal
  • Snow removal of roads shall be the highest priority, private snow removal shall occur after municipal roads are deemed passable
  • Operators may, at their discretion, custom plow when working in a requested area to avoid return trips.