The RM of Miry Creek No. 229 has developed a Zoning Bylaw and a Development Bylaw. 

Zoning Bylaw

  • To control the use and development of the land in the municipality and assist in implementing the Municipal Development Plan 

Development Bylaw

  • To establish a decision making framework in addressing development, servicing, environmental and related concerns and objectives of the municipality
  • To assist the council in ensuring and enhancing the health and safety and welfare of its constituents
  • To assist the council in managing public programs, services, facilities and utilities
  • To address current and potential development issues, trends and land-use changes affecting the municipality
  • To identify municipal development interests, goals and objectives
  • Assist the councils, residents and developers in making development, land use, servicing and related decisions

These two bylaws may be viewed in their entirety in the RM of Miry Creek office in the Village of Abbey. 


Click on the links below to view each Bylaw:

Assessment Appeal Fee Bylaw: 2017-4

Manage Vehicle Weights on Municipal Roads: 2017-2

Speed of Vehicles on Municipal Roads: 2016-3

Fire Ban Bylaw: 2016-5