Road Restrictions

Bylaw 2017-2 to manage vehicle weights within the RM of Miry Creek No. 229 has been adopted.  What does this mean for you?  Municipal roads are eligible to carry primary weight loads for a nine month period (exceptions apply).  Weights revert back to secondary weights during the months of March 15th - June 15th of each year.  The Sandhill Road restriction of 15t remains in place.  Permits for producers adjacent to the Sandhill Road may be issued under the terms of the bylaw.

Sustainable infrastructure enhances quality of life, addresses public safety and promotes a more efficient use of financial resources.  To achieve the goal of sustainability the RM has adopted a bylaw restricting the speed of heavy vehicles over 10 tonne to 60kph on all municipal roads.  Regulatory signage has been installed on roadways entering the municipality.  Operators are reminded that the posted speed does not relieve the driver from reducing speeds where hazards exist. Implementation of this bylaw is intended for the betterment of the municipality as a whole.  Council is asking for your support for this very worthwhile initiative.